• Bright Eyes™ 100mL
  • Bright Eyes™ 100mL
  • Bright Eyes™ 100mL
  • Bright Eyes™ 100mL

Bright Eyes™ 100mL

Anti-Fog Glass Cleaner
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The best anti-fog solution for PPEs or personal protective equipment, masks, goggles, spectacles, and glasses.

Simply spray on the surface you wish to treat, leave on for 30 seconds, and then wipe with a cloth or tissue.

Product Highlights

Bright Eyes™ is the revolutionary anti-fog glass solution that keeps the fog out of all your see-through surfaces. Perfect for glasses, goggles, shades, camera lenses, mirrors, windshields, helmet visors, among many others. It both cleans AND prevents fog from forming on the surface.

Bright Eyes is currently supporting frontliners in a number of hospitals in its application on their PPE face shield and goggles, and has consistently performed well against their actual usage on the field.

Active Ingredient

The active ingredient found in Bright Eyes™ is an ether siloxane whose application on surfaces produces an anti-fogging effect. Apart from being anti-fog, it is also anti-dust and anti-static.
The treatment works by coating the surface with unique blend of hydrophobic compounds that adhere to the glass or plastic, while simultaneously repelling any moisture from forming on the surface. 


Bright Eyes™ comes in a 100mL spray bottle.
All 100mL bottles may come in either trigger, fireman's, or pump sprays.

Bright Eyes™ refiller containers can be found here.

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