• Germ-O-Phobe™ refiller
  • Germ-O-Phobe™ refiller
  • Germ-O-Phobe™ refiller

Germ-O-Phobe™ refiller

Hard Surface Disinfectant
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This is your best defense against viruses, bacteria, and other disease-causing germs that live on hard surfaces such as your mobile phone, doorknobs, toilet seats, tables, etc.
Refill your 30mL or 100mL dispensers with this Germ-O-Phobe / Dr. Germophobe refiller bottle.

Product Facts

Germ-O-Phobe™ is readily usable on its own, straight from the packaging -- no dilution necessary! It kills 70+ species of viruses and germs, is non-toxic, non-irritant to the skin or airways, and is child-friendly. It has been tested against EU Certification Standards such as EN 1276, DVG, DGHM, and EST.

Germ-O-Phobe™ contains no alcohol, is pH neutral, and poses no risk if it comes into contact with skin.

Main Killing Active

Germ-O-Phobe™ main pathogen eliminating ingredient is a microbicidal amphoteric registered under the EU's Biocidal Product Directive (98/8/C) whose disinfectant level is classified as having High Level Disinfection (HLD). Its pathogen killing capacity far surpasses that of Benzalkonium Chloride, the leading disinfectant active in the market, which is classified as providing Low-Level Disinfection (LLD).


Germ-O-Phobe™ refillers come in a 1L or Gallon container.
If you need other custom packing sizes, feel free to shoot us a message.

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