• Stink Ninja™ 100mL (Warrior Line)

Stink Ninja™ 100mL (Warrior Line)

Odor Absorber
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Offensive odors come at every corner. Breathe fearlessly. Funk-free.
 *100mL bottles may come in trigger, fireman’s, or pump sprays.

Product Facts

Potent enough to neutralize pungent odors from sweat, paint, cigarette smoke, garbage, pets, and even sewage, while being safe enough for everyday application.

Active Ingredient

Formulated with a unique set of ingredients that renders it the fastest, longest lasting and definitely the only non-reversible malodor absorber in the market.


Stink Ninja™ comes in a 100mL spray bottle.

For refiller containers, feel free to shoot us a message.

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