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My Feelings About My Shoes

I don’t know where I got the idea that a man is judged by his shoes. It may have been from a guidance class or some seminar in high school. I think in some cases it could be true. But I’m not so sure how I’d feel about a crazy obsession with clean shoes as a normal part of my everyday life.

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Conflicting Emotions

I went to stop by the mall the other day. I’ve never really been a mall guy – I’d just go when I need to. Sometimes, my friends would invite for some dinner, sometimes a movie – but I find myself just arriving right on time for the appointment. Family would also want to go and eat in a new place, which happened to be inside a mall, too. There are a few good barber shops that have opened in new malls recently, and some new barbershops in old malls – I like the way these look. They make the...

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A Weird Time to Be Alive

It’s confusing how I took basic grooming and hygiene routines so much for granted, until it felt like a life and death decision to have to push through with them. I know I’m keeping safe with all the protocols. But still, it feels so…surreal. For six months, the question hasn’t gotten old – is this really happening?

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