Are you Rain Ready? Simple Tips to Make You Well-Equipped for the Rainy Season

The rains can be such a welcome relief in a country like ours where hitting forty degrees Celsius in the summer is just status quo. It makes one appreciate the rain when we’re used to most of the year being expectedly hot. However, with the rains come their own little hitches. How do you get yourself ready for the rain? It’s in knowing what to expect.

Here’s what typically happens, and what you should do to avoid the usual nuances, or at least, breeze through them:


  1. Carry an anti-fog solution with you.


The temperature changes are surely going to make your spectacles fog up more often than it usually does. With the mandated use of face masks, face shields, and other similar paraphernalia, fogging will be encountered by most everyone – even those who don’t wear prescription glasses. A great anti-fog solution will definitely help with that, and keep your glasses fog-free for as long as much as 7 days! It really depends on how much exposure to the temperature changes you get. The number of times you need to apply a fresh coat will be dependent on this, as well as how grimy your glasses, shades, or face shields get.


  1. Keep an umbrella in your car!


If you use a car to get around anyway, just keep an umbrella inside with you. You never know when it suddenly pours and it’s what will save you from having to wait hours inside the establishment you get stuck in just to get to to where you need to be.


  1. Take a bath as soon as you get home.


Were you one of those people who used to be told by your parents that you can get sick if you get wet in the rain? It isn’t really the rainwater that will get you sick, or the fact that it will touch your body. It’s the temperature drop that your body inevitably experiences when you are exposed to the colder weather that the rain brings. Getting wet will get you extra cold. If you don’t get to manage the body temperature fluctuations well, or if your immune system gets compromised because of the oscillations from cold to warm, that’s when you can catch a cold or other diseases.


Also, because of the situation with the pandemic, you’re going to have to take a bath as soon as you get home, anyway. So taking a bath immediately hits both the hygiene as well as the temperature-change birds with one stone.


  1. Purchase a reliable and high quality raincoat.


The great thing about rainwear technology is that they are usually good windbreakers even if they are extra light. You may have initially thought that a raincoat is only good for when there’s rain – but the truth is it can double as your jacket, too. You can simply carry this without having to worry about a shawl or other insulation apparel as this is enough to keep you warm even if you are just in a cold place, and not necessarily when it’s raining.


The best part is, it’s more versatile than an umbrella. So you don’t have to carry a heavy parasol with another hand – a jacket which you can fold and stuff in your bag will do, especially when you’re not sure of the weather and would just like some insurance with you.



These may be things your mother has already told you, but it helps to be reminded once in a while. Take care while enjoying the rains, and be safe!

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