Yeah, we miss traveling too :(

Who doesn’t? Traveling tends to gets us addicted, as it makes us experience all of the world in its sheer magnificence. We’ve taken for granted the unhampered mobility that makes us literally go beyond our boundaries and explore the mesmerizing beauty ready for us to relish, love and appreciate – things that are apart from what we’ve always been used to.

Traveling always carries a certain fondness with it, as all the mundane things we take for granted from the routines we get used to seem so novel again – taking pit stops, eating breakfast, talking to locals, walking the town, among so many others. It’s like the simplest things suddenly become magical, and every obscure piece of architecture, every graffiti-painted wall is worthy of immortalization – a picture, a snap, a story – we flood our friends with these posts as we enjoy the things that in our equivalent localities would just be commonplace and unworthy of all this attention.

But apart from the physical boundaries, getting outside of our houses also helps expand our souls. The ideas we get exposed to, the communities that thrive through our presence and involvement, the different experiences that enrich us in a myriad ways – these are golden. We probably never really thought of it that way until all of it was taken from us in a snap.


Now, getting outside of our houses feels more like going to some exotic location. Just being out in the sun and driving around, when we used to abhor these things because of the ubiquitous city traffic, are actually things we unbelievably take pleasure from now. If we had the opportunity to do our groceries again without being shrouded in anxiety, we would be having the time of our lives. We were just going through the motions with all these before – and now, running the simplest errands can command so much joy. We never thought it could happen but it has and is still happening – we are still in the thick of it.


It is in these moments we get to see what a box of chocolates life can indeed be – one minute we’re waiting for the ensuing vacation, and the next, we seem to find ourselves in a never-ending one. Holidays and long weekends used to be candy to the ears – so sweet to hear and find out about – and now, they are almost devoid of the meaning they usually connote for us in terms of the new island we get to explore because of it, or the extra day we don’t have to use up a vacation leave thanks to it.

Now we’re I dare say 90% of the time in our homes – save for the necessary errands for essentials and work obligations that need our physical presence. And in some ways, maybe we can see that this has helped us travel inside of ourselves. We were somehow able to drown out the noise and make time for what was truly necessary, or what we’ve always wanted for ourselves instead of what others wanted for us, maybe? Because there has been less time in traffic, and going about from one place to another, and general movement has been restricted, we were forced to go inward lest the quiet deafen us, fighting against the immobility from pushing us into stagnation. We were compelled to listen and move to our own beat, or maybe even find our rhythm – the one that got lost in all the noise the world drowned us in, subliminally influencing, seemingly letting us adhere as if involuntarily. In the quiet that ensued, we were forced to find our voice. Maybe this is the moment for us to carve out the answers to our lifelong questions, ponder on our oft-ignored ultimates, when we have more leeway to go about on our own terms.


Our products were actually developed from the typical situations you’d find yourself in when you’re traveling, hiking, commuting, touring, or basically any time you’re outside your home. We wanted to experience the world in a holistic way – without letting the little expected and unexpected nuances get in the way of our enjoyment.

Stink Ninja, our odor absorber, was developed for the sake of our olfactory relief – that’s just a fancy way of saying we just didn’t like the bad smells we’d tend to get exposed to in public restrooms, smoking areas, enclosed spaces such as rooms or cars that are newly painted or have some substrate – like a dried fish a coworker brought to work, or a pet that peed, a baby that took a poopy, or a friend who vomited. We can also use Stink Ninja on apparel that tend to reek with continued sweat exposure, such as our gym bag, motorcycle visor, socks, among others.


Bright Eyes, our anti-fog solution, has always been our bestseller among all channels. It’s commonly used for eyeglasses, shades, camera lenses, mirrors – any see through surface. Now, with the use of masks, glasses more easily fog up. Face shields used by doctors and all frontliners are a steady application of Bright Eyes.


Germ-O-Phobe, our hard surface disinfectant, is seeing its relevance in differentiated disinfecting now more than ever. Our active ingredient is ranked as a high level disinfectant, which means its kill chart is much more expansive than that of the quats that dominate the market. We’ve always thought that being exposed to the elements meant needing high level disinfection. Now, when opening a door, switching the light, and manipulating countless items that go through our hands daily seems to be a matter of life and death, high level disinfectants such as Germ-O-Phobe are the warriors that hold the line.



Maybe before, we saw so much relevance in being outdoors. The friends we saw regularly, the businesses we gave our energy to, the passions that thrived as they were lived out, the world that was seen because there were eyes that appreciated – all of these gave and maybe even defined our meaning, to a fault. But maybe, just maybe, this shift is a prompt for a necessary change, too. Maybe it’s a way to see other facets of the world, of people, of ourselves, in a way we never have before. Maybe it’s a chance to unearth treasures that are literally and also figuratively just inside our own homes, within the families we have taken for granted but never meant to. Maybe it’s a way to see that there’s power within us, too, that’s not attached to the statuses we hold, the money we make, the brands that have become our identity, the never-ending socials that make us feel like we’re valid and important. Maybe the noise was taken away to let us hear the music that was playing from within all along.

The world has shifted, and Vivo Lumio shifts with it. All the more, our unparalleled solutions powered by our superior ingredients, that has been the industry’s elite for 147 years, sees an amplified relevance. We never got to imagine this other side of the moon, this bigger part of the iceberg, but now, more than ever, its value is all-pervading, its applications of increased consequence. We join the fight, this collective war – as we have always known, it’s the attention to the little details that make the story superlative to all others – and makes our heroes turn their battles into victories on a daily basis.


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