A Case For Going Organic: Seamless Systems

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Papers coming out in the mid-2000’s were revealing research implying that the bacteria in our gut was predicting which cancers a person was going to get. If you were missing certain bacteria you would get prostate cancer. If you were lacking another type of bacteria, you would get breast cancer.


This revealed to the scientific community that observing the bacteria genome in our body, in its presence or absence, was a lot more predictive in determining the occurrence of cancer than the human genome.


This communication network of the bacteria and fungi was supporting the protein structure in our gut lining. Our gut is held together by this cellophane-thick mass of Velcro-like tight junctions—proteins that hold one microscopic cell to the next to create this coherent carpet that when unfolded makes up the size of two full tennis courts.


Introduction of glyphosate into our body through the consumption of produce that is exposed this antibiotic increases the permeability of this membrane.


A side effect of glyphosate outside of the Shikimate pathway, as with any drug that has off-target effects, is direct injury to the protein structure that holds our gut lining together. It turns out that on top of this, it hits every macromembrane in your body: your blood vessels that fuel oxygen to your entire body are held together by these tight junctions, your blood-brain barrier that protects your peripheral nervous system, your kidney tubules that detoxifies your system—all these are held together by the same tight junctions.


Through the use of glyphosate, we’ve introduced this chemical that’s directly toxic to this Velcro-like protein. The blood vessels that are meant to deliver either an immune response, or get nutrients to some distant space in our body is beginning to leak, so we start to develop permeable blood vessels.


Then you get to the blood-brain barrier. The brain is supposed to be protected against everything in your blood because even glucose, which is the main fuel for your brain, will damage your nerves if it gets into your brain in an unregulated fashion.


We see this unprecedented damage this has wrought on us through the massive explosion of neurological injury to children and adults—starting at about 1996—which is exactly when we start to see the steep incline in autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons, neurodegenerative disease like Multiple Sclerosis, autoimmune diseases and all the rest.


In optimal health, we should be running at a 10. But in individuals whose health is already compromised—our vulnerable members who are already suffering from degenerative diseases, and done so continually, the gut simply keeps getting continually damaged, suffering continued inflammation, and sending signals the rest of the body to call for help.


However these signals themselves and the message they carry have also become skewed, because the carriers themselves are leaking.


These are just some of the more apparent and observable evidence of the effects that the use of this pesticide has on our systems.


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