A Case For Going Organic: Increased Connection

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We are barely human.

When it comes down to the number of non-human cells that we carry with us that we are dependent on, we discover that we are just a fraction human. The number was around 50 Trillion human cells. It turns out that we have 1.5 Quadrillion bacteria, and ten times that in fungi, so we have fourteen (14) Quadrillion microbiome elements within our body.

These bacteria and fungi in our body are what sustains our everyday life, from breaking down the food we eat into its simplest form, to delivering its nutrients to each of our cells, and aiding the communication pathways from our head to our toes, helping us to see, think, taste, and everything in between.

Identifying the problem is so much of the solution. Now we’ve identified a chemical that we’ve put into our food chain that deletes the ability to build a healthy human body, that deletes the medicine out of our food—because that same Shikimate pathway makes the alkaloids which are the medicinal features of our food. All this through the introduction of an antibiotic that weakens our gut and makes us leak through every major system.

We are losing the identity between the outside world and our immune system by the breakdown of these membranes. That effectively takes away self-identity from the immune system so we get autoimmune diseases where we start to react to our own bodies as if it were foreign.

On the macro level, as we start to leak, it’s as if we are losing our self-identity as well. We start to become majorly depressed, we develop panic disorders, we start to get lost down these rabbit holes of doubt, fear, insecurity, guilt. We have spiritual crises, and we have relationship crises that's on an epidemic level equal to cancer and beyond.

It's no wonder then that staying in and maintaining thriving human relationships seem to be the most complicated task that many of us can endure right now. We are literally losing self identity because we are eating a chemical that is eating away at our self identity at the cellular level. 

You see exceptions to this however, as evidenced by the disease process. A sickness happens, and it results in an immune reaction, and a healing process. This may be what is happening to our society right now.

We have a disease on the planet of a loss of self identity and human consciousness of our purpose here, only to trigger the ultimate healing process: to realize that we are all one, that we are all on one mission to find truth in ourselves, and through one another, and we are calling in our community.

We are going to overcome the isolation of our cellphone era and touch each other more, hug each other more, because we have to. Our salvation as a species depends on it. This is the beautiful healing process that we already see afoot in the world today.

We as a species begin to change our macro-consciousness as we change our diet, as we change our nutrition, as we get in touch with our food chain, as we put bacteria and fungal communications back into our body

We are all constant witnesses to the bubbling up of human hope, and healing, and consciousness, despite the tragedies present in the science that we know.

There is a lot to be excited for in the realization that if a few of us can become, and remain, awake and aware and conscious, this will have a ripple effect throughout our communities.

10 years ago, organic food made up less than 1% of the food sold in supermarkets, now it’s almost up to 4-5%, with the Philippines being one in the top five largest known producers of organic food in the world.

We must, and we will, count ourselves lucky that organic produce is literally at the tip of our fingers and so easy to access. If we can push our organic consumption to even just 16%, according to research leaked from Monsanto’s data, chemical farming would lose its financial stability.

We’ve said it once, and we’ll keep saying it, the power is in our hands!

Our Case for Going Organic Series references on Dr. Zach Bush, MD's body of research. For more information on him and his work, we encourage our readers to head over to zachbushmd.com to learn more about his expertise garnered from three decades of internal medicine, hospice care and endocrinology. As always, we'd love to hear from you. For any comments, feel free to drop us a line in the comments section!

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