The Many Times an Odor Absorber Could Have Saved Your Life (And You Didn’t Even Know You Had That Option)

Stink Ninja Odor Absorber

When something stinks, what do you usually do? Open the windows? Light a candle or a match? Spray some perfume (eww – that just oversaturates the stench, and mixes a lot more substrate in it instead of alleviating it)? Turn on the exhaust fan? 

A lot of these cowboy practices could usually work… until they don’t. Or until your next family member, friend, or esteemed guest walks into the room and looks at you funny for that . . . THING that just REEKS.

You thought you never needed an odor absorber, until you realize you did. Here are some of the most typical instances it would come in handy pretty well.

1. Out of town trips with your friends or family

Beach trips, family outings, other times you would have to share a bathroom with friends or family --- well, nature does call, so what do you do when everyone’s in line for the same restroom? Make it seem as if nothing ever happened, of course. All that can be done with an odor absorber – which doesn’t mask the smell the way perfume does – it neutralizes it, so it’s as if there was no smell there to begin with.

2. Smoking rooms or other smoking areas

When a room gets the stench of cigarettes in it, it isn’t such a pleasant place to be in. You can make the lounge more comfortable and neat with a few spritzes here and there.

3. Your car

If anyone smokes, vomits, or if a pet pees, or a baby makes a poopy – you wouldn’t want the smell to stick. Spray the odor absorber in your automobile and you can accommodate your family or friends again without having to worry about making them feel uncomfortable with the smell.

4. Your room

If you brought in any strong-smelling substrate, like a lighted cigarette, or a strong-smelling food, or if you had to paint recently, an odor absorber will help take away the smell as if nothing was there to begin with.

5. Sewage systems

Living or working near a place where it smells like a sewage canal? This happens. The building may not have proper ventilation, too, so help yourself by tending to your own space at least with some odor absorber.

6. Your clothes

You may be a fan of those Korean Barbecue restaurants, or those Japanese Yakiniku bars where you or your servers grill everything in front of you. You get out of the restaurant with belly and hearts so full from the food coma, and hair and clothes stinking like a kitchen grease pan. If you have somewhere else to head to right after, or just don’t want to smell like a frying pan until you get home, feel free to spray some odor absorber on your clothes or even your hair for the time being.

7. Your kitchen

Speaking of grilling -- if you’re the type who likes to cook, but doesn’t like the smell that it leaves in your kitchen, your condominium, or all the other rooms in your house that are affected, you can easily take the smell out via an odor absorber as well. This again doesn’t’ mask the smell of the food, but instead neutralizes it so that it’s as if no cooking happened at all.

8. Your shoes and bag

If you play sports or go to the gym often, you won’t have time to launder your shoes nor your bag all the time. These may inevitably stink because of the sweat. You can take the stink away by spraying some odor absorber on these as well.

9. The rest of your gym equipment

While we’re on the topic of sweating and exercise, you can actually use an odor absorber on all of your sports or gym equipment. This can be applied to your boxing gloves, baseball mitt, shoes, lockers – everything you use that gets the sweat and stench on them.

10. Garbage areas

You would want to keep the pests away from your garbage areas. What attracts them is actually the smell of the [rotting] food. Keep it smell- and pest-free by spraying some odor absorber in your garbage areas as well.

11. Pet excrement

If your pet goes inside your home and misses the potty every now and then, it’s bound to leave some smell in the room. Odor absorbers help take this reeking away provided no additional substrate (i.e. poopy) is added to the room

12. Public toilets

Whenever you have to go to a pitstop, or do it in the office, or even just have to go in a public restroom (hey, it happens) – you wouldn’t want the person next in line, or the one in the next cubicle to immediately know your business. Keep it private while keeping it real! Odor absorbers are a fuss-free way to do the trick ;)


These are just some of the many times an odor absorber can be applicable in your life, and can save you from humiliation and shame – an option you probably didn’t know you had prior. Stink Ninja is one of the most effective Odor Absorbers in the market today – try it out and live a more hassle- and carefree existence!

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