A Welcome Kind of Hope

And just like that, the last month of the year is impending. How does time fly so quickly? One minute we were just in this weird situation thinking it would last weeks or a maximum of a few months, and the next moment, we’re ending the year still in quarantine. Although, I have noticed lately, that there are more cars on the road, more people in restaurants and other establishments, and more lights signaling welcome for those who wish to check out what’s inside certain places. It’s good that it’s not as drab and dreary as how it used to be. It IS nice to see the city so festive again.


I just hope that people are still being careful, and aren’t being complacent with possibilities of getting infected. I don’t know if it’s just because there are less cases being reported now, or the number has at least plateaued? I’m not really sure. But when I find myself inside a restaurant, I do see that most of the tables are already occupied, if not all of them. It’s good though, that most places have al-fresco options. At least people get to be out with friends while practicing better covid hygiene?


I’d have to admit; it’s refreshing to allow the beauty of the night to envelope me again. I found myself at one of the common places my friends would usually go to for comfort food and a nightcap. The place had a good number of people in it, although it wasn’t hard to get a table. But because we had so much work to finish that day, it was refreshing to just be able to grab a bite and a few drinks before heading home, and enjoying the ease of the atmosphere under the night sky the way we always used to.


It made me so thankful to be able to experience that again. It was so commonplace to just have those kinds of nights pre-quarantine. Now, most times outside the home are spent doing work errands or being inside other homes. Just the different vibe it evoked to be in a place that was so comfortable and reliable, and coming back to it after months still feeling the same sense of home, was quite the revitalizing experience.

I’m also happy for the establishments that were able to keep themselves alive even after months of not getting their regular business. And of course, I’m sure, it wasn’t just the money that kept them going. I’m sure they wouldn’t have lived to be this age if they didn’t enjoy the energy that they brought to the table and the energy they regularly got from their patrons in return – patrons that have, over the years, eventually become family. It’s great to have this kind of reunion once again, and see that everyone is still well and just as invigorating to be with.


I know I can’t say the same for most businesses – in fact, even those that have been around for decades have been forced to close during the trials of the past months. I hope that those closures were really just pauses, and that they will find a way to come back when everything has normalized. For all those who have stuck it out and have survived, thank you for championing hope in an otherwise dreary scenario. I know if there’s one that can do it, there are a lot of others who can be empowered to do the same.

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