Benefits from these Weird Times

It really seems as if things are back to normal. There’s more and more traffic, restaurants are mostly filled in terms of seating capacity, people are in malls again, and there are more out of towners now. In a way, I guess it’s a good thing that people are getting a taste of normalcy again.


There are cities up north such as Baguio where you’re required to test negative before being allowed to enter. I guess in a way that renders it quite a safe place because everyone you come across is supposedly negative?


It’s also been observed that there are less cases of infections now. Also, that those who get infected don’t register grave symptoms the way they used to. It seems as if it’s more like they get the common cold or flu, rather than a potentially life-threatening disease the way covid was regarded earlier this year.


I really hope that this is the start of the end for most of the world. I’ve heard that other countries are experiencing a second wave and are in the midst of lockdowns once again. But here in Manila surprisingly, things are becoming more and more lenient.


Here’s to hoping that the virus’s strain is truly weakening and people are slowly getting better immunity at it.


I recently had dinner with two good friends and save for the extra paraphernalia of the masks and face shields, it really seems as if everything is back to normal once again. Places aren’t as crowded but it makes me smile to see businesses that have survived the pandemic and are still open, or at least are open again. Seeing festive, well-lit establishments more often now has taken away the depressing sight of how rows of decrepit restaurants, clubs, and bars dominated the city at the start of this whole ordeal.


The decadence of life pre-pandemic was really substantial compared to now, but I find that I get to appreciate moments that are filled with activity and interaction with others all the more. When they were seen as normal and run-of-the-mill happenings before, now they really command so much joy and appreciation, at least from me. I know my friends feel the same. Simple conversations that are held face to face hold so much more meaning now, and it really makes me appreciate life and all the modest joys a whole lot more.


For a night owl like me, saying I’m refreshed by the curfew may be somewhat sacrilegious. But I find that it helps me regulate my indulgence, get better quality sleep, and have the next day still fully alive and awake – something I used to never have before the pandemic. It’s pretty amazing how I value these things that physically uplift my mood and well-being the way I never did before. And I’m happy I’m discovering and appreciating their value now.


We were in discussion about how things could probably be back to the old normal in 2022. That’s good for the most part. But I can’t say I didn’t benefit from this weird time, too.

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