Less and more of the things we were used to

Everyone in my family seems to be losing weight. Some are only eating once a day! Another great thing I’m noticing is that everyone is motivated to eat dinner earlier. More and more talks about healthy living are becoming part of the conversation, and I am learning so much.


For instance, one of my siblings just told me how sleeping early, and not even sleeping long, contributes to a toned body more than exercise does. I don’t even have to exercise too much – probably 10-20 minutes a day is enough, and all I have to do is get to sleep at around 9pm. This will contribute to getting me in better shape much more than weight training will.


This amazed me. Apparently, it amazed her too. I was saying how this is so revolutionary in my mind, and she agreed with how this is also the first time she was also learning of this.


I have to admit, I really can’t fathom living the life I used to live before the pandemic. Being out most nights in the week, sleeping well past midnight, and often just whiling it away in the presence of other people more than just enjoying my own company, in silence, or doing my own thing, at home. How crazy was that life, I keep thinking to myself on a daily basis. I feel so much of the difference in finding fulfillment in the simplest things, in seeking quiet for most of the day and the week, and needing so much of it for my sanity, instead of always trying to fill it with noise. Now, whenever I go out, I feel that once is enough for the week, and demand the rest immediately after. I can’t believe I would do consecutive socials for most of the week before all these quarantines happened.


Seven pm on a Friday night feels so different to how it used to be just nine months ago. Now seven pm on a Friday night is a good time to wind down, get a bit of the night’s breeze, keep my room cool, and find a good distraction. Sometimes, it would also be about finishing a bit of work so the Saturday can be completely allotted for me-time. Before the quarantines, seven pm on a Friday night was like a school bell signaling recess – but instead it would signal the start of the nights that felt would and should last forever – the nights of promise, regret, amusement, and capriciousness.


It was all good fun, and it was all good while it lasted. But as for my buddies who I used to spend these nights out with, I’m not sure if I’m betraying their loyalty when I say that I think I’m starting to not miss those nights. The frequency, anyway. I can do with one night in the week, and let it be the weekend as much as possible. Before, even Monday nights would be full and rowdy.


I was also on the road today, and sadly it felt like a real Friday complete with the congestion. Is everything really going back to normal? I can’t imagine living in the same world that had all these urban inconveniences once again…


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