Sun, Moon, Stars Aligning

I get so much nourishment from the sunlight these days. It’s amazing how much it lifts my mood exponentially. I can’t even think of leaving my blinds closed anymore, on any given day.


Before, since I was such a night owl, I didn’t really hate the mornings, but I didn’t like it when the sun was bright enough to take away the darkness and comfort of my room and the way it supported my lethargy. I don’t know if it’s the quarantines making me feel like the mornings are so glorious now, the same way it totally changed my body clock, too; or it may also be how other people who’ve had covid have talked or posted about how being out in the sun instantly lifts their physiological state by a substantial amount. It makes them feel as if they are already better, or at least so close to it. These and my personal observations about how the sun is such a boost to my disposition just makes me want to bask in it all day long. When it gets a bit rainy, I feel a bit gloomy too, and find myself instantly wishing for the sun to come back and grace me with its presence. When I have a lot of it, I instantly christen it to be a great day with perfect weather.


This can be a bit of an anomaly for someone living in a tropical country. Most people prefer the colder weather here, and that’s great by me, too, but when we say “cold”, it also usually means rainy, or even stormy. And this automatically equates to decreased mobility, intense amounts of traffic that isn’t nearly proportional to the amount of rainfall (meaning just a little water can mean hours of getting stranded somewhere, depending on the area of the city you find yourself in), and just a general enervating tenor. These are the things I don’t specifically look forward to. But when there’s a good breeze with a good amount of sun, then that would be perfect for me.


There’s been talks about how the blue moon is going to appear tomorrow, too. Celestial activity, especially infrequent ones, have always been so magical to me. I think fantastic things happen when these events present their majesty to us. And I’m learning that the more we pay attention to them, the more we realize how proximate they really are to our existence – that these magical events actually happen pretty often – they’re just dressed differently. All the more variety for our awe and reverence.


I love full moons – how bright they shine, how near they sometimes appear to the ground, how big they can be, and how they feel like such an ominous yet gracious creature. And blue moons give us the gift of this beauty twice in the same month. I couldn’t feel more providential.


It’s also pretty cool to note that the blue moon is happening on Halloween night. This holiday has always been of interest to me. I think that the establishment of a connection with the spiritual world and how we wish to revere those who have taken on an other than corporeal form is a welcome tribute to the mystery, enchantment, and fascination that humans have always attributed to other realms of being. These connections are always intriguing and spark an interest in me and in a lot of different ways.


Whoever is up there making sure the heavens give us enough light, I thank you. Thank you for the nourishment that goes beyond the physical. Thank you for continuously providing your magic. Thank you that by merely showing up, you make our lives all the more enthralling, exquisite, magnificent.

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